Best Gardening Practices

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When I started my garden this summer, I wanted to know what the best gardening practices were. I had never been a big gardener before, but I was looking forward to getting started. I had the seeds, the location, and the soil, but I felt like I didn’t have the information. I started checking out gardening blogs and pinterest pages, but I mainly came across gardening design and clever tricks for more than experienced gardeners. Unfortunately, my experience level was quite low, and while I felt like I was a pretty smart guy, I wanted to know exactly what products were best for my garden, and how to use them.

However, in my frustrating search for simple facts, and simple ideas, I came across Dr. Jim’s video blog on YouTube. It was great; he had a lot of simple facts and tips for an inexperienced gardener, so I could easily figure out the best practices for gardening. His videos were very bare bones, and interactive. The first one that I watched was on how to determine what is the best soil for your potted plants, which was something I had never considered. Another video was on how to choose the right pots for the right type of plants. He easily explained concepts that were extremely simple, but they were gardening tips that simply hadn’t occurred to me due to my lack of experience.

One of the best gardening practices that I learned was to use the correct type of food for your plants. Most modern plant foods, and soils, are full of chemicals that weren’t helpful to your plants. Dr. Jim showed me that using organic plant food and compost was best for getting the maximum amount of nutrients to my newly growing garden.

I’m still a very inexperienced at gardening, but with practice and consistent help from Dr. Jim at Ecoscraps, I’m sure I’ll be able to make my plants flourish.

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