The Greenhouse Effect and How We Can Help

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Methane, a greenhouse gas, is emitted into the atmosphere primarily by landfills and the rotting food piles. Greenhouse gases only make up about 1% of our entire atmosphere, but it has a huge impact on our planet and us. The “greenhouse effect” is when methane and other gases get trapped in our atmosphere. What happens is that when the suns rays penetrate the atmosphere and reaches the planet’s surface, the rays bounce back into the atmosphere. This is called infrared radiation. The greenhouse gases that are trapped in our atmosphere slow down this infrared radiation as it tries to escape the earth. This causes the earth’s temperature to rise at a rate that is not necessary to warm the planet.

Food scraps rot in a landfill.This is becoming a problem, because us humans are adding too many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The healthy balance of gases in the atmosphere has been thrown out of its normal state. How are we producing these gases? There are several factors that go into greenhouse gases, but a prominent one is methane. As stated above, rotting food in our landfills produces methane gas. We produce around 21.5 million tons of food residuals each year. This food then sits in a landfill and creates methane gas equivalent to 2 million cars.

How can you do your part? One awesome way is to use EcoScraps organic gardening compost. We are trying to help the environment by taking some of those food residuals we throw out and essentially recycling them into food and vegetable compost. This compost can then be used in your garden. This not only will take food out of the landfills, but it is also very healthy for your garden and, therefore, the food you consume. Every little thing we can do to help our environment will improve our planet and the enjoyment we can get from our earth. Help reduce greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect by gardening with EcoScraps organic compost.