their leftovers.

too much food is wasted each year — like 40 million tons too much. ecoscraps is committed to finding a solution.

since 2010 we've been recycling food waste from retailers nationwide and composting it into natural, organic and sustainable garden soils and plant foods.

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our products.

ecoscraps recycles food waste nationwide and repurposes it into organic, natural and sustainable garden soils and plant food.

one bag of ecoscraps organic compost recycles up to forty pounds of recycled food waste.

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your garden.

your garden craves the organic matter found in our food waste compost blend.

garden with ecoscraps and help us reach our goal of one billion pounds of food waste recycled!

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+ organic.

Ecoscraps is truly organic and sustainable Environmentally friendly ingredients and process Soils made from fruits and vegetables Organic plant food - what can be more natural?

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EcoScraps® is truly organic and sustainable

We use only sustainable materials or processes in the production of our products and they do not contain any synthetic chemicals or manures.

Environmentally friendly ingredients and process

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, EcoScraps® produces its products in the most environmentally friendly way, reducing greenhouse gases by diverting food waste from landfills to make our soil mixes, and making the best use of other food waste materials in the production of our plant foods.

We don't just passively opt for the sustainable choice; we aggressively seek processing methods or materials that make pro-active beneficial changes to our environment. When you purchase and use our products you can be assured you have made a very positive impact on improving the environment as well.

Soils made from fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable produce waste is an important component of our compost, which is mixed with a source of cellulose (generally ground up bark or wood fines) to provide just the right ingredient mix of Carbon to Nitrogen. Under the proper conditions (frequent turning and mixing), the all-important microbes perform the vital task of turning the raw ingredients into superior performing compost high in NPK.

Organic plant food — what can be more natural?

By definition, natural, organic plant food must utilize naturally occurring materials, essentially materials found in nature with few if any alterations. Setting us apart from all other organic plant food formulators is our use of fruit and vegetable-derived compost fines added to our dry plant foods.

Compost fines add additional micronutrients, and help contribute a source of microbials (beneficial microorganisms) that go to work in your soils and help to break down and release valuable naturally occurring nutrients.

for change.

our partners.

we're proud to be a part of such an amazing group of individuals and businesses, working together to make sustainability mainstream in order to improve the health and wellness of our beautiful planet and the people who take up residence.

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