Layering in Compost for a Bountiful Harvest

written by EcoScraps Staff

There’s nothing that smells more like fall than a thermos full of your favorite warm drink, the chill brisk in the air...  and compost?

Preparing your garden in the fall for your next growing season is essential for a bountiful spring harvest.

Follow these easy steps when putting your garden to bed this fall:

  1. Remove perennial weeds – try to remove them at the root for the best results.
  2. Clear the garden of any remaining plant material – this is especially important in case the plants had and disease or insect issues as these issues can hibernate over the winter months and reappear in the spring.
  3. Discard these plants – don’t compost them – this might sound paradoxical coming from a company so intent on saving all we can from the landfill but insects and disease can be harmful to your compost pile and in turn for your new plants in the spring.
  4. Layer compost into the existing soil – layer compost 4 – 6 inches deep into the garden. Be sure to till the compost into the soil as this allows the compost material to begin interacting with and loosening up the native soil. This is especially true while the soil and weather are still above 50 degrees.

Happy gardening!

Gardening content provided by: Dr. Jim Hruskoci