Using Ecoscraps Compost In Your Garden

written by EcoScraps Staff

The complete 411 for using Ecoscraps Organic Compost in your home garden!

  • What is Ecoscraps Compost
  • Benefits of Ecoscraps Compost
  • Where to Buy Ecoscraps Compost
  • How to use Ecoscraps Compost
  • When to use Ecoscraps Compost
  • Where to use and NOT to use Ecoscraps Compost

What is Ecoscraps Compost?

Ecoscraps compost is a mixture of decomposed organic materials like food waste, branches, leaves and grass clippings. It is used in garden soil to promote healthy, sustained plant growth. What makes Ecoscraps Organic Compost so awesome is the added benefit of food waste. 

Each bag of Ecoscraps Compost contains up to 50 lbs. of recycled food waste. Food waste that would normally be sent to landfills but instead is reused to fortify your soil! Ecoscraps Compost is an all-natural organic soil amendment that contains no poop or synthetic chemicals.

Benefits of Ecoscraps Compost?

  • Increases organic material
  • Improves soil structure
  • Moisture retaining

Increases Organic Material 

Soil is home to microorganisms like bacteria and fungi as well as macroorganisms like earthworms and beetles. These organisms feed off organic materials found in your soil, so adding Ecoscraps compost made from food scraps to your garden will help them survive. Having these little organisms in your garden will help increase crop yields as well as help maintain healthy soil. 

Soil Structure

Soil is made up of minerals like rocks, sand, clay, and silt. Soil also includes air, water, and organic material. These elements combine to create a healthy soil structure that is crumbly to the touch, allowing plenty of room for air and water.

Depending on where you live, your garden soil might have an imbalance of these fundamental elements. If your soil has too much clay or too little organic material, it can be difficult for plants to grow. Ecoscraps Compost will add more organic material to your soil and give your plants more air, water, and room to grow their roots.

Moisture Retention 

Soil that has organic material will retain more water. Adding compost to garden soil helps reduce erosion and runoff. This allows more water to go to where it is needed; the plant! 

Where to Buy Ecoscraps Compost

Ecoscraps organic compost is available for purchase at the following businesses:

Ecoscraps is also available for purchase in select local garden centers. Check our store finder to find a local nursery near you!

How to use Ecoscraps compost?

Always mix compost with native soil or garden soil. Do not plant directly into 100% compost!

  1. Avoid working with soil when it is wet.
  2. Evenly mix at least 2 inches of compost 6 inches deep into your native garden soil.  
  3. When transplanting young plants into your garden, use a little extra compost directly in the planting hole.                                                                                          
  4. Chart for how much compost to use.                                                                           

When to use Ecoscraps Compost

During the growing season, organic material in your native soil will decrease. Adding compost to your native soil will help maintain a constant supply of organic material. Depending on the quality of your native soil you can either renew compost in your garden once or twice a year.

       Add compost in early spring before the planting season begins
       Add compost in late fall after harvesting

If you are interested in getting your native soil analyzed, here is a website that provides a state-by-state list of soil testing facilities.

Where to use Ecoscraps compost?

Gardens and raised beds that are open on the bottom and have access to native soil. 

When amending soil in raised beds that are higher than 6 inches off the ground, it would be more beneficial to use Ecoscraps organic Raised Garden Bed Mix rather than directly mixing compost into your native soil. 

Where NOT to use Ecoscraps compost?

Potting containers or raised beds that are closed on the bottom and do not have access to native soil.

It is important to note that healthy potting and raised bed mixes do contain compost. However getting the right mixture of compost and other ingredients can sometimes be tricky. To make things a littler easier, Ecoscraps offers a potting mix and a raised bed garden mix that already includes the necessary amount of compost and other beneficial ingredients that will help your plants grow in all types of containers.