Upcycle Your Wine Bottles in Your Garden

written by EcoScraps Staff

Sure, you can drop off your old wine bottles at your local neighborhood glass recycler, or you can use them to give color and creativity to your garden!

Here are a few of our favorite garden wine bottle projects:

Create a wine bottle privacy screen

How to: drill a hole through the bottom of the wine bottle using a diamond drill bit. String the bottles through pieces of rebar and secure to your wall structure.
For more detailed instructions, check out this tutorial.

Use wine corks as garden markers

How to: use a permeant marker to write on your left over wine corks and use bamboo skewers to place them in your garden.
For more detailed instructions, check out this tutorial.

Image courtesy of http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/

Build a garden border with wine bottles

How to: dig a trench around your garden, place your wine bottles (with or without the labeling) into the trench, fill in the open spaces with your soil, stomp the bottles in with your foot and spray with water to firmly set your border in place.
For more detailed instructions, check out this tutorial.

Happy gardening!